Get in front of more

MedTech Companies

at the right time

An actionable sales empowerment tool – crafted for sales professionals selling into medical device, diagnostic/IVD, SaMD/Digital Health companies.

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Find Funded MedTech Companies

You can find funded MedTech companies at every stage, from seed to late series rounds.

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Save Research Time

Gain deeper insight into MedTech companies at every stage of development and save on research time.

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Prioritized Opportunity

Take away the guess work and identify the right opportunity at the right time.


Close more MedTech deals with Zapyrus

  1. Real-time new opportunity updates right to your inbox
  2. Discover stealth & emerging medtech companies
  3. Stay updated on your key accounts
  4. Uncover verified key contacts
  5. Integrate with Salesforce

Get in front a clinical opportunity at the right time

  1. Find funded MedTech companies
  2. Discover clinical projects before they start
  3. Keep updated on clinical and medical affairs hires
  4. Understand when a trial needs patient recruitment

Find MedTech companies who need device design & engineering support

  1. Find early stage funded MedTech companies in the design & prototyping stage
  2. Stay updated on medical device recalls and design related failures
  3. Stay up to date on key engineering hiring changes

Find the right size clinical projects at the right time

  1. Discover funded MedTech companies
  2. Stay up to date on MedTech clinical trials before during and after
  3. Receive automated updates on key partnering events and hiring changes
  4. Be updated on MedTech companies attending conference

Qualify MedTech OEMs by funding and QMS need

  1. Stay on top of grant funding, seed investment, series A+
  2. Be the first to know about early stage operational, engineering, and medical affairs hires
  3. Stay up to date on device recalls

Automate the discovery of funded pre-clinical Medtech companies

  1. Find early stage funded companies looking to develop a regulatory strategy
  2. Stay on top of medical device & diagnostic/IVD patents
  3. Never miss a new stealth company in your territory

Emerging medical device, diagnostic/IVD, software-as-a-medical device companies

  • Find new companies as they enter the market
  • Track early stage funding and future plans
  • Stay on top of hiring/role changes

The only MedTech sales empowerment tool built for Service Providers.

Do less research and get in front of more MedTech OEMs (medical device, diagnostic/IVD, SaMD/digital health companies).

Is Zapyrus for you?

Are you providing services to help Medtech OEMs bring their technology to market? Are you tired of sifting through lists of generic healthcare & biotech noise just to get to the Medtech companies you really want?

Find Key Contacts

Zapyrus helps you quickly get introduced to key decision makers. Contact search is built right into your workflow to quickly help you find missing contact information via direct integration with 3rd party contact databases.
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The only dynamic prospecting tool built exclusively for MedTech sales teams to help you partner with OEMs in the Medtech market.

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