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Why Do We Get Up Everyday

It's simple, we are passionate about creating impact in the MedTech industry.

We're here to bring technology and innovation that empowers every MedTech business professional in the world to perform their best and be awesome at their job.

About Zapyrus

Zapyrus is the most actionable sales system made for MedTech service providers.

Imagine, the power of real-time market intelligence at your fingertips at any point in time.

Think of Zapyrus as your personal sales research assistant for MedTech. Zapyrus helps you look and perform like a sales pro! Zapyrus AI does the heavy lifting on sales research while you can focus on the important stuff, closing deals!

Meet the Zappers

Our superpowers are curiosity, passion, creativity, grit, and obsessed with creating impact.

We're the scrappy MedTech arm of the bootstrapped company Lumerate Inc. No challenge is too big for us!


Claudia Fournier

Customer Empowerment Manager

With a background in SAAS sales and marketing, Claudia ensures that every Zapyrus customer's journey is a celebration, not just a transaction.

Off the clock, she radiates boundless energy, whether unleashing her prowess in Muay Thai, immersing in Animal Crossing, or indulging in her favorite series and movies, from John Wick's escapades to the drama-filled twists of 90 Day Fiancé to the galactic wonders of Star Wars. Curious about her endeavors beyond the office? Ask about her paw-some attempt at making her pup, Rumour, Instagram famous, her confident math explanation on national TV, and the legendary dog parties hosted by enchanting old ladies in the park. Trust us; it's a tail worth hearing!

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Shawna Belleau

Business Development Manager

Shawna is a spirited and curious people person who aims to find joy in everything she does. She comes from a background in Business Development, working on lean SaaS teams, which pairs well with a passion for strategy and process enhancement both in her work and for her customers.

Outside of work, you can find her enjoying an amateur comedy show or exploring a new local restaurant. Ask her about all of the different neighbourhoods she's lived in Toronto.

Kevin Saem

Kevin Saem, Ph.D.

Zapyrus Brand Leader

Kevin is passionate about innovation and solving complex problems. The more complex the more he's excited. He spends his days understanding the unmet needs in the MedTech & SaaS industry. Ask him about his early life in Cambodia, minimalism, and photography.


Jenelle Schmidt

Data Quality Manager

Jenelle comes from an R&D background in Biochemistry, having a keen interest in solving problems and discovering new information. When not sifting through data, you'll likely find her exploring in the mountains or doing something creative. Ask her about the cave she visited in New Zealand!


Natasha Porco

Data Quality Specialist

Natasha comes from a scientific background in Molecular Science, where she developed a passion for using data to solve unanswered questions. When she's not working on data projects, Natasha loves going on hikes and spending time with family and friends. Feel free to ask her about her time spent playing competitive curling.


Michelle Lenartowicz

Data Quality Specialist

Michelle comes from a data science and life science background. She loves using data to uncover unique insights and trends. In her free time she enjoys singing classical and operatic pieces, and doing olympic weightlifting in my local gym. Ask her about exploring new cafes across the GTA!

It has been a great journey so far for our team with this new tool. We were lacking a robust tool in the Med tech space and you and your team helped us not only with the tool, but also with the roll out, training of our teams by working through the initial pilot, extending the pilot and working with our Inside Sales team leader and our Inside Sales and Sales teams to track new leads coming through this tool. The team has been trained well on the tool and your constant communication and engagement and excellent support to our teams has been the differentiator along with the tool. Thanks for listening to our needs, customizing ways to add maximum value for our Med tech team and continuing to work closely with our teams. Thanks a lot. We look forward to creating successes with this tool.
Global Head & Director of Inside Sales at a large MedTech CRO